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Starting the real

Friday, 28 July, 2006

Here is my first real blog. I knew about blog back in August 2004. Wasting two years till now. Mainly, I started it last night right away when I signed up for the wordcamp It’s too shame for me to join a blog conference without a blog.

In fact, the idea of “barcamp” 🙂 really got me when I was reading what the camp was about. It should be a lot of fun when you can learning and drinking. Chill out! I still have the blast memory on the Google dance 2004. I guess it’s part of the San Francisco/ Silicon Valley culture thing.

Well, it seems Matt just decided the place overnight or this early morning after I suggested a San Jose place and complaining early hotel booking stuff to him. Cool, I will go online to book the hotel.

Stay in tune. I will share more my idea on the [real forever]. Meanwhile, plz think about that yourself — in this universal, what should really last forever?

Internet? Fun? Spirit? Love? Youth? Life…