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This entry was posted Wednesday, 18 February, 2009 at 6:43 pm

After studying the medical knowledge over Southbaylo university over a year now, I finally realized there was no such thing called health secrets that I thought before went to the school. The most basic real formula I discover is form by  Sleep, Eat and Exercise. Simply put, “SEE”.

Yes, health=sleeping+eating+exercising=”S.E.E.”

You “see” it, you got it! If you had problem with any one of these, you are not healthy.

It’s real health formula would last forever for human beings.

In fact, a good doctor should always advise the patient that even doctors, medicines, modern or ancient medical treatments/technologies could save the patient from sickness, disease or even death (in the unknown future:) but if the patient’s life style doesn’t compose these three basic elements in the right format, there would be no final health solution for the patient. That is, he or she could easily become unhealthy again.

You may say you have been doing these three elements along but you are not healthy? Here is the keyword: moderation!

Do you sleep with proper hours? Including hours you sleep, the time to go to bed and get up.

Do you eat with real healthy food? And the right amount?

Do you exercise? And at what level?

It’s all about doing these three things at the right time with moderation.  So after all, there is a secret of how to do it right with moderation, like the old Chinese secret Yin Yang seek into balance 🙁 I believe that is down to the individual — everyone is different on the detail moderation level. In any case, please keep the formula of sleeping+eating+exercising in mind first.  SEE 🙂

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