Continue the journal

Saturday, August 5, 2006 8:43

After a long PCH (Pacific Coast Highway 1) drive, I finally arrived to San Francisco with my family (kids & wife). It was real fun for me to watch the ocean view while driving. No doubt, it felt really tired after beating the endless traffic from L.A. all the way up here, and my wife was kept complaining everything. Guess this is life — you just can’t make everybody happy. Now, it’s about the time for tomorrow’s workcamp class. I hope to learn a lot of wordpress or blogging in a day.

It’s just the old saying about enjoy the life journal not the destination. She said she’d want a flight next time instead. I still prefer a drive along pch, or riding my motorcycle even better. Do a camping between the hills next to the ocean will be great! Life can not be taste better in other way. Cheers.

Starting the real

Friday, July 28, 2006 16:46

Here is my first real blog. I knew about blog back in August 2004. Wasting two years till now. Mainly, I started it last night right away when I signed up for the wordcamp It’s too shame for me to join a blog conference without a blog.

In fact, the idea of “barcamp” 🙂 really got me when I was reading what the camp was about. It should be a lot of fun when you can learning and drinking. Chill out! I still have the blast memory on the Google dance 2004. I guess it’s part of the San Francisco/ Silicon Valley culture thing.

Well, it seems Matt just decided the place overnight or this early morning after I suggested a San Jose place and complaining early hotel booking stuff to him. Cool, I will go online to book the hotel.

Stay in tune. I will share more my idea on the [real forever]. Meanwhile, plz think about that yourself — in this universal, what should really last forever?

Internet? Fun? Spirit? Love? Youth? Life…